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Welcome on website BIOCEN Laboratories s.r.o.

BIOCEN Laboratories is a professional company focused on the development and production of innovative cosmetic and food raw materials and final products - cosmetics and food supplements. The development focuses in particular on products based on active natural substances extracted from plants and microscopic algae and effective methods of their application in the form of liposomes or nano-micellar forms characterized by high biological activity in the organism. The concept of products is based on the principles of synergistic (mutually reinforcing and supporting effects) combinations of biologically active substances - natural nutrients, in highly pure and concentrated forms and dosages that provide a real, positive and rapid effect on quality of life, mental and physical performance or skin condition.


We produce these products under our own brands and in the form of contract development and production under private labels.


Inspired by nature


BIOCEN Laboratories are based on the use of naturally occurring nutrients and active substances in the human organism or nature. In their production, genetically modified organisms are not used. Product formulations are based on the latest scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition and biochemistry, combined with thousands of years of natural healing knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Indian Ayurveda, empirical experiences of shamanic healing from South East Asia and Latin America, and the clinical experience of Western professional herbalists and nutritionists . But the philosophy of products lies in something else - each product is formulated to promote health, not to make users feel better.

Clinical efficacy and scientific basis


All claims on the efficacy of active ingredients of BIOCEN Laboratories are supported by results published in scientific publications or clinical trials. BIOCEN Laboratories has the scientific and pharmacological data it uses in its products to promote safety, efficacy and dosage. All data are thoroughly studied to create products that are safe and effective. For product users, detailed information materials on each product is available on paper and on-line.


Quality Assurance


BIOCEN Laboratories products are produced with the utmost care of quality assurance. From the moment the raw materials are taken to our facilities, they are subjected to extensive quality control procedures using advanced analytical techniques, including ultraviolet and infrared spectrometry, thin layer chromatography (TLC), liquid chromatography (HPLC), atomic absorption (AA for heavy metal determination) and microbial testing to ensure that pathogenic micro-organism are absent. Materials are evaluated to match the analytical certificates we require from our proven suppliers. Prior to starting production, the materials are further sampled and inspected to monitor a long range of quality parameters including appearance, scent, color, texture, absence of extraneous materials and, for some materials, control analyses for heavy metal contents and microbial contamination.

BIOCEN Laboratories uses exclusively premium pharmaceutical or food quality raw materials that are quickly absorbed and guarantee maximum benefit for the body. A further phase of quality control takes place during the product inspection of personnel from the quality control department according to the extensive internal standards and the critical points system in production (HACCAP). The final products are released from production on the basis of checking the compliance of the tested parameters with the values ​​prescribed in the company production standard and the relevant decrees and laws of the Czech Republic and EU. Selected batches of finished products are sampled and subjected to analytical health testing in an independent specialist laboratory. The high quality of products is guaranteed by their production in specialized facilities and spaces.




8-2018: The NEOBOTANICS brand including food supplements and cosmetic products was recently registered by AMAZON for international sales. Products will be brought to the Amazon market place by German company neobotanics GmbH in Munich.


New products from the NEOBOTANICS CBD THERAPY series has been certified in the EU

3-2018: A series of four Cannabidiol (CBD) based cosmetics - an active substance isolated from cannabis flowers - has been assessed to be safe for human health and has been notified to the European Cosmetics Notification Portal. It will be sold through


Technology used to produce microalgae will be exhibited at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

2-2018: Technology developed by ECOFUEL Labs for production of microalgae used in manufacturing of some BIOCEN labs products will be part of the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2020.



BIOCEN has developed and is testing new cosmetic active substances based on liposomes and nanotechnologies


7 - 2017: BIOCEN has developed a technology for the preparation of innovative forms of liposomes and nano-micellar solutions. These technologies make it possible to convert water-insoluble substances into microscopic forms, highly absorbable by the skin or the gastrointestinal tract, thus dramatically increasing their effectiveness and bio-availability.


Founder of  BIOCEN Laboratories was awarded as VISIONARY of 2016

12-2016: Ing. Petr Kaštánek, PhD., Founder of BIOCEN and the Neobotanics® brand, was awarded the VISIONARY of  the year 2016 for the development of the new microalgae strain Japanochytrium sp. and its technological and social benefits in the food, health and pharmacy sectors. Oil from this algae is planned to be used as an active ingredient in new OMEGA-3 dietary supplements. 


BIOCEN has launched a new range of food supplements under the NEOBOTANICS brand

9-2015:These products are certified by ABCert as BIO and distributed to healthy nutrition stores. Further expansion of the product line will be realized by the end of 2015.


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