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Assoc. Prof. Ing. Petr Kastanek, PhD.

CEO and Director of Research and Development

Ing. Petr Kastanek, PhD., Biotechnologist and Chemical Engineer graduated from Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (ICTP). In 2009 founded EcoFuel Labs with vision to research and industrially use unique feature of microalgae - their ability to convert carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas co-responsible for global warming, into range of desired pharmaceutical, feed, food and cosmetic products and biofuels. Petr’s has spent years researching, extracting and developing novel natural healing substances from tropical rain forests. Now he fulfills his live path and combines passion for wild nature, outdoor adventure and travel, mountain climbing and diving with organizing bio-prospecting expeditions to extreme environments in search for novel microorganisms producing bioactive substances. Next to managing EcoFuel, he performs research activities in areas of bioreactors development, cultivation of microorganisms and down-stream processing and extraction of high-value compounds from algal and plant biomass. In 2016 Petr co-founded ICCT - International Center of Cannabis Therapy.

Petr formed a vision to establish BIORAF – the Czech Biorefinery Research Centre of Competence of which he is currently a managing director. Prior to founding EcoFuel, Petr held position as a CEO of BIOCEN Laboratories, manufacturer of novelty functional drinks and dietary supplements based on rare botanicals. In 1995 - 2002 acted as Technical Director of an established company focused on development of technologies for treatment of waste and land contaminations. With Passion for innovation and education, Petr is Co-author of "Best Innovative Technology” in 2001 in the Czech Republic and is currently also teaching Bioengineering at the Faculty of Biochemistry and Microbiology (ICTP).


prof. Ing. Frantisek Kastanek, DrSc.

Main scientific Advisor

Scientific Activities in fundamental and applied research in hydrodynamics and mass transfer in multiphase reactors and bioreactors and in environmental chemical engineering and environmental biotechnology

1996 -  2008 In charge of environmental projects in the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (ICPF), Academy of Sciences of Czech Rep.
1990-1995 Director of the Institute of Chemical Process fundamentals, Czech Academy of Science. (Staff : 260, among them 140 with MS degree and 80 with PhD)
Scientific Secretary of the Czech Chemical Society
Director of the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences       
Chairman of the Czech Council for Environmental Projects and Ecology.


Honors and Awards:
The Prize of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1986 "Multiphase Chemical Reactors"
Prize of the Czechoslovak Chemical Society: "Development of Chemical Engineering in Czechoslovakia", 1990.
Grand Prize “Eco-Praha 1995”: Sodium Methods for Liquidation of PCB Wastes, Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.
Balling Medal of Merit (Prague Institute of Chemical Technology),2005: Development of Bioengineering and Environmental Biotechnology  in the Czech Republic
2008: Hlavka's Foundation  Medal of Merit received from the President of Academy of Science


Ing. Jiri Rott

Director of Engineering

35 years' experience in R&D and technological services, especially in cement production technology,  thermal techniques, energy auditing, environmental consultancy, project management Company and project management in the field of engineering and consulting services  for industry and government, participation in international environmental programs  (Phare/Tacis, GEF/WB, Eureka/EU, UNDP).

Waste management, waste processing incl. oil sludges, hazardous waste incineration, incl. waste derived fuels utilization in cement and industrial kilns and boilers,  combustion tests design and evaluation, EIA, EA

Ing. Olga Kronusová

Laboratory scientist

Cultivation of endophytic bacteria, endophyte fungi, microalgae, autotrophic heterotrophic cultivation in bioreactors. Cultivation of Schizochytrium protists and DHA oil isolation from biomass.

Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. Collaboration on Nano-Cannabis, Seedcoat, Dimaskin, Algal Foods, Bioraf, Algafuels, Omega nutrition and Endofyte projects.

Optimization of the utilization of waste materials in the biorefinery using a part of products such as feed for microwaves, biodiesel production or pure active substances.

Ing. Sandra Pšeničková

Laboratory scientist


Cultivation of rare cyanobacteria and microarrays, isolation of bioactive substances and fractionation of extracts with high antimicrobial activity.

Cultivation of anaerobic inflammatory bacteria and determination of antimicrobial activity of extracts of microalgae and cyanobacteriav using several techniques.

Studies at University ICT Prague

Mgr. Alena Kalašová

Brand manager

Sales of newly formulated products with rare bioactive substances.

Coordination of new product presentation, sales and website design.
Marketing management.

Apolena Sobotková

Office manager


Many year of  of experience of administration practice abroad as well as in Czech companies.

Coordination and administration of office.

At present interested in the use of phytoactive substances, bio and super food, natural cosmetics and new green technologies

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